Partnership Finance & Legislation Committee

The Finance & Legislation Committee of the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership provides leadership in defining the financial and legislative needs to fund and operate the Boston Harbor Islands national park area. The Committee works with policy level and technical level representatives of Partnership members to establish principals and processes to implement the Integrated Resource Management Plan (GMP) called for in the enabling federal legislation of the Boston Harbor Islands.

The Finance & Legislation Committee will focus on issues such as: outlining and implement guiding principals and assumptions which the variety of agencies and organizations of the Partnership support for financial management; and identify and draft necessary legislation needed to carry out the mission of the park. The Committee will coordinate its efforts with the Planning Committee and other committees as needed.

The Committee will:

  • Collect and analyze financial data from the Partnership organizations for planning purposes for the implementation of the plan and to apply to the federal process to justify matching dollars (3:1) requested following the enabling legislation of the park.
  • Implement actions outlined in approved Cost Principals and Funding Assumptions and keep the Partnership well informed of progress and issues.
  • Establish and implement procedures, approved by the Partnership, to identify priorities for funding requests.
  • Establish a technical sub-committee to closely monitor material submitted by the Partnership for compliance requirements and auditing purposes.
  • Identify and draft federal and state legislation as needed to support the mission of the park.


Last updated: February 26, 2015

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