Boston Harbor Islands Advisory Council

The Boston Harbor Islands Advisory Council is not currently chartered and last met on March 9, 2016. When the Council was chartered, public participation in planning and decision making ensured that park mangers fully understood and considered the public's interests in the Boston Harbor Islands, which as a national park is part of their heritage, cultural traditions, and community surroundings. Council Membership represented several segments of the greater Boston Harbor community, and the Council was the primary mechanism used by the Partnership for public involvement on matters of park planning and management.

The Boston Harbor Islands Advisory Council's purpose was to advise and make recommendations to the Partnership on the development and implementation of the general management plan for the islands, including ongoing park operations.

Governance provided for an open public process in its formulation of recommendations. The official work of the Advisory Council took place at quarterly meetings; general discussion of issues occured at sub-committee workshops and other public forums. In order to be most effective in advising the Partnership, Advisory Council members had committee assignments on the standing committees of the Partnership.

Council members were appointed by the Secretary of the Interior through the Director of the National Park Service. The park superintendent was the Federal Official that oversaw the Council's operation.

Last updated: October 27, 2021

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