Indigenous History and Ways of Knowing

The Boston Harbor Islands Partnership acknowledges the ancestral territory of the Massachusett Tribe, who have lived on and cared for this land and water for thousands of years and who continue to live here and care for this place today.

Indigenous people have lived in the area that is now Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park for several thousand years. The islands have served as both sites of ceremony and seasonal homes, as well as sites of genocidal internment and graves. Native peoples have lived and died, celebrated and remembered, stewarded and honored this land and water since time immemorial.

The National Park Service and its partners in the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership engage and consult with local and regional tribes to ensure the past and present stories of Indigenous peoples’ long-lasting relationships with the Harbor Islands are respectfully acknowledged and honored and that the sites and creations associated with tribal nations are protected. As this process continues, additional resources will be made available on this website and at our sites.


Learn about Indigenous Tribes connected to the Boston Harbor Islands:


Read about Indigenous History in New England:

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Digital Resources:

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Traditional Ecological Knowledge

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Native Northeast Research Collaborative

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Upstander Project

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