Women of Beacon Hill Audio Tour

Silhouettes of women against a 19th century bird's eye view of a city


Through this self-guided audio tour, explore the stories of the inspiring women who lived and made a difference in the Beacon Hill community.

This self-guided audio tour is also available on the free NPS app! You can download this tour ahead of your visit and listen along as you walk through Boston.


Total run time of all 13 audio clips: 27 minutes.


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How to find the Women of Beacon Hill tour on the NPS App

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  2. Tap "Find a Park" and search "Boston African American National Historic Site"
  3. Select "Boston African American National Historic Site, Massachusetts," which will take you to the park homepage on the App
  4. Tap "Self-Guided Audio Tours"
  5. Select "Women of Beacon Hill Tour"

Learn More...

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Last updated: October 26, 2023

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