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Artist drawing of child holding large leaf in front of White House, a large Brick Mill, and large cement bridge
Junior Ranger Activity Book Art

MJ Robinson

Junior Rangers are called to explore, learn, and protect. At Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park, we have multiple ways to become a Junior Ranger. Whether you are exploring Old Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI or getting out in nature at Blackstone River State Park, there are many ways to learn, explore, and engage in the history of the Park.

In addition to two Junior Ranger activity sets, visitors can complete activities to earn a Junior Birder badge or a B.A.R.K. Ranger badge. Junior Angler Books and badges are also available at Park locations.

Read more about how to complete Junior Ranger activities at our sites below!

Cover page of book. Yellow clapboards make up the perimeter with an image of a yellow mill building in the top center. Large text that says "Welcome to Old Slater Mill"
Cover Page, Old Slater Mill Junior Ranger book

Old Slater Mill Junior Ranger Book

If you're visiting Old Slater Mill, you will want to stop by the Visitor Information Station during our hours of operation to pick up your book. At this time, Junior Ranger books and badges are only available while Old Slater Mill is open. If you have a special request or questions, contact Ranger Allison Horrocks.

What To Do

Instead of a square booklet, this program requires some hands-on work and some creativity. Each Junior Ranger will pick up a series of circular papers and everything they need to make a holder. We encourage folks to complete as many of the activity pages as they can during their visit. While exploring the Park, they will have the chance to learn about waterwheels, the water cycle, spinning wheels, gears, time, and more. Junior Rangers will also get to bind their booklets using cord made inside of the mill.

How to Get Your Badge:
After completing the required activity pages, bring your completed booklet and folder to the front desk during operating hours. Show a staff member. The staff member will award you a Junior Ranger Badge.

Drawing of white framed house with moon and astronaut and brick mill in the background
Kelly House and the Moon Landing

MJ Robinson

Kelly House and Ashton Mill Junior Ranger Book

The Kelly and Ashton Mill Junior Ranger Booklet is a self-guided adventure around Blackstone River State Park. Aspiring Junior Rangers of all ages are encouraged to pick up a booklet and explore the history and natural beauty of this area. These Junior Ranger activities inspire creativity, reflection, imagination, and stewardship.

Where to get your book:
Junior Ranger books will be available at the Kelly House Museum of Transportation (1075 Lower River Road, Lincoln, RI 02865) during operating hours. The Museum is opened seasonally from April to October.

Books are also available at Old Slater Mill (67 Roosevelt Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860) and Roger Williams National Memorial (282 North Main St., Providence, RI). If you are visiting in the off season or would like to get a head start on your books, you can request copies be mailed to your home address by reaching out to Ranger Allison Horrocks.

How to get your badge:
Once you have completed your book, return it to park staff at either the Kelly House Museum of Transportation or Old Slater Mill to receive your badge. You can also mail in your completed book to:
Blackstone River Valley NHP
67 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket RI 02860

MJ Robinson, a Providence-based artist, spent months processing the history and aesthetic of the site, creating drafts and sketches, and final works of art that express the complexity of the Blackstone Valley. This remarkable project was managed by the Rhode Island Historical Society in collaboration with the National Park Service.

Last updated: October 28, 2023

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