Picnicking on the Parkway
Help us protect black bears - please pack out all food and trash from picnic areas.

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Fourteen picnic areas are located along the Parkway. In addition, many overlooks have tables where you may picnic. Generally, picnic areas are open daily until sunset, mid-spring through fall (you can check each area’s opening dates).

You can use camping stoves and self-contained charcoal grills to prepare food at any picnic area. Fires are permitted only in the fire ring provided. Beginning May 1, 2017, only heat-treated firewood that is bundled and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or a state agency may be brought onto the Parkway. For more information, please visit our destructive pests page.

All picnic areas have restrooms.


Picnic Area

Number of Sites

8.5 Humpback Rocks 91
63.6 James River 62
86.0 Peaks of Otter 42
154.5 Smart View 72
169 Rocky Knob 26
188 Groundhog Mountain 33
217.5 Cumberland Knob 56
241.1 Doughton Park 30
271.9 Jeffress Park 30
296.4 Julian Price Park 100
316.5 Linville River 100
339.5 Crabtree Meadows 82
367.6 Craggy Gardens 86
407.8 Mount Pisgah 50

Last updated: May 28, 2020

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