Most Parkway facilities are wheelchair accessible. Some facilities have minor slopes and/or structural barriers. For additional information, please call 828-298-0398.

Several new trails at the Peaks of Otter and at Julian Price Lake are ADA accessible. Fishing piers at Otter Lake and Price Lake are accessible. Service animals are welcomed at all facilities.
Location Mile Post Visitor Center Exhibits Programs Restrooms Picnic Areas Camping (see details below)
Humpback Rocks 5.8 H H HP H X
Otter Creek 60.9 H HP HP
James River 63.8 H H X X X
Peaks of Otter* 86 H H H H HP HP
Explore Park Visitor Center 115 H H H
Roanoke Mountain 120.4 H H HP
Rocky Knob^ 169 H HP HP HP HP
Mabry Mill** 176.1 HP HP HP
Groundhog Mountain 189 HP H
Blue Ridge Music Center 213 H H H H
Cumberland Knob 217.5 HP HP HP
Doughton Park 241.1 H HP HP HP HP HP
NW Trading Post 258.6 H
Jeffress Park 272 HP HP
Cone Park 294.1 H H H H
Price Park 297.1 H HP HP HP
Linn Cove Viaduct 304.4 H H H
Linville Falls 316.4 H H X HP HP HP
Minerals Museum 331 H H H H
Crabtree Campground 339.5 HP HP HP
Craggy Gardens 364.6 H H X X HP
Folk Art Center 382 H H H H H
Parkway Visitor Center 382 H H H H H
Mount Pisgah* 408.6 HP HP HP HP
Waterrock Knob 451.2 H H H H HP

H - Wheelchair Accessible
HP - Accessible with Assistance
X - Not Handicapped Accessible
* Lodging and Dining Available. ** Dining Available. ^ Lodging Available


Campground Accessible Sites
Otter Creek B44 Tents
Peaks of Otter T14 RV
Doughton B50 Van/Trailer/Tent
Price Park A34 RV/Tent
A35 RV/Tent
C3 RV/Tent
Linville Falls B27 RV/Tent
B29 RV/Tent
Crabtree A16 RV
B77 Van/Trailer
Mt. Pisgah A7 RV
B18 Van/Trailer
B19 Van/Trailer

Last updated: October 18, 2016

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