Backyard Birding

A yellow a grey bird sings in a bright, green tree.
A northern parula sings while perched on the limb of a tree.

Photo by Keith Watson.

There May Only Be Two Types of Humans in the World: "Birders" and "Bird Toleraters"

Wouldn't it be great if there were more Birders in the world? Well watching, learning about and eventually caring for birds is something that can start in your very own backyard.

Learn more about how to get started by watching the video below and then take the challenge of watching birds in your own yard by playing Backyard Bird Bingo!

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2 minutes, 23 seconds

Ever want to pick up the hobby of bird watching, but not sure how to start? Join Ranger Peter as he describes some ways to get started birding in your own backyard.

A bingo card titled "Bird Behavior Bingo" It has 5 rows and 5 columns of boxes that create a grid of 25 squares. Detailed alt text on page linked to from image.

Head Outside or Look Out Your Window to Play Bird Bingo

Ease into a life long passion with a game of Bird Behavior Bingo. Take a few minutes to watch what birds are doing in your corner of the world. Mark off the types of behavior you see as you to try to make “bingo” before anyone else.

As a bonus, identify what species of bird was doing the behavior – where does that bird go throughout the year, what does it eat, where does it breed, and what other zany things might it do in your yard!

Afterwards, consider what was your favorite observed behavior? What was the most unexpected thing you saw? What activity did the bird do the most? What behavior did you most enjoy seeing?

Download a full-sized bingo card with bird behavior descriptions to play!


Last updated: May 22, 2020

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