Use and Access of Parkway Lands for Activities Related to Hunting

Hunting is Prohibited on All Blue Ridge Parkway Lands

Additional regulations regarding access and use of parkway lands for activities related to hunting:

Dog Retrival Permission
Permission must be obtained to track dogs from parkway lands for the purpose of retrieving them within parkway boundaries. Permission is granted for up to 3 hours upon contacting 828-348-3473 and leaving hunter contact information. Call and retrieval must occur within the same 3 hour period.

Other than retrieval, as stated above, the use of telemetry, GPS or other tracking devices to monitor running dogs is prohibited on Blue Ridge Parkway lands.

Hunters may park their vehicle in a safe location on parkway lands, preferably in established parking areas and pull-outs, and take a direct route to non-parkway lands open to hunting.

Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times on Blue Ridge Parkway lands.

Transportation of Game Across Parkway Lands
Any transport of game across Blue Ridge Parkway lands requires a notification call to Blue Ridge Parkway Dispatch (828-298-2491) prior to action.

Legal References

National Park Service Regulations

Virginia Laws Digest

North Carolina Hunting Digest

Last updated: October 11, 2022

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