Pets In the Park

In Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, pets on leash may be walked on roads, in North Rim Campground, to the overlooks, and are allowed on the Cedar Point Nature Trail, and North Rim Chasm View Nature Trail. Pets are not allowed on the southern portion of the Rim Rock Trail from approximately June 1 to August 10.

Pets are not allowed on any other hiking trails, inner canyon routes or in the wilderness area. Pets are also not allowed on ranger-led geology walks or evening programs in the campground amphitheater.

Owners are responsible for their pet's behavior and may receive fines if their animal creates problems with wildlife and/or other visitors.

South Rim Campground and Rim Rock Trail Dog Restrictions
From approximately June 1 to August 10, dogs are allowed in campsites in South Rim Campground, but may not be taken on walks (even on leash) or be carried around the campground or on the southern portion of the Rim Rock Trail due to potentially aggressive deer protecting their fawns. Over the past few years, female deer have acted aggressively and even attacked park visitors walking dogs. The deer perceive the dog as a threat to their fawns. This has resulted in several deer being euthanized and a visitor almost getting mauled to death. Exact dates for 2019 are to be determined and will be posted here.

Do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle or campsite. Interior temperatures of vehicles rise within minutes and pets can quickly overheat and die, even with the windows cracked.

Boarding services in the area include:

Stoney Hill Pet Lodge, 59049 Ida Rd, Olathe, CO (970) 323-5060
Iron Will Dog Lodge, 18077 6500 Rd, Montrose, CO (970) 596-8709
San Juan Vet Clinic, 822 Spring Creek Rd, Montrose, CO (970) 249-4490
Pearl's Pet Lodge, 13989 6900 Rd, Montrose, CO (970) 250-8932
Montrose Veterinary Clinic, 2260 S. Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO (970) 249-5469
Critter Sitters and Outfitters, 98 County Road 17, Gunnison, CO (970) 641-0460

Last updated: August 10, 2018

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