Interactive Park Map

The drop down in the top left corner allows the map to be shown with different features, Standard Map or Brochure Map. The Standard Map displays an interactive map where you can click on points of interest. The Brochure Map displays the map distributed to visitors on the park brochure.

Download the digital brochure map. [PDF]
Text-only and Braille versions of the park brochure are also available.


Wilderness Route Map

Basic map showing general locations of the wilderness routes. This is not a substitute for route knowledge or bringing a map/compass and GPS device.

Interactive State Map

View a detailed, zoomable map of Colorado with NPS sites.

Topographic Map

A detailed topographic map can be purchased from our park store.

Other Maps

View other official maps in PDF forms from the National Park Service cartography site.

The official NPS app includes an interactive park map. Download the park information offline to use wherever you go. The map has large font, a "locate me" GPS feature, and different zoom levels.

Last updated: July 10, 2024

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