Henslow's Sparrow

close up of dark brown and gold henslow's sparrow in a tree
Henslow's sparrow

NPS Photo / Jeremy Stringfield

Centronyx henslowii

Henslow’s sparrows are migratory and are generally only found in the Big Thicket during the winter months. They fly north during the warmer months to lay their eggs. Like many birds, they are omnivorous, but live primarily on insects and seeds. During the warmer months they tend to eat more insects but will consume more seeds in winter as insects become less available. They tend to forage alone.

Henslow’s sparrows tend to nest on or near the ground in well-hidden nests. Males will sing to attract females before leading them to nesting sites. The female will build most of the nest and incubate the eggs. Both parents will help feed chicks once they hatch. Young Henslow's sparrows will leave the nests after only nine to eleven days.

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Last updated: April 27, 2021

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