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Green tree frog

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Big Thicket National Preserve is a wonderland of plant and animal species that come together in southeast Texas. Wildlife species common to the eastern deciduous forests, the central plains grasslands, the southeastern coastal swamplands, the pine savannas, and even a few from the southwestern deserts all come together in this crossroad area of North America.

With a little planning and driving, visitors can easily see many of the varied plant communities with their associated mix of
mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish in just a day’s visit. However, to truly experience the variety, come in the spring or fall to enjoy a hike on a trail in the Thicket or plan a canoe/kayak trip down one of the creeks or on the Neches River in the summer. The sounds of a chorus of frogs, the sighting of a log full of basking turtles, the shadow of a bald eagle or anhinga flying overhead, or the chatter of a busy squirrel in the trees above will all make your visit to Big Thicket an experience you will always remember.

Check out our park species lists page for a complete list of the animal and plant species found in the Big Thicket.



  • male deer in the forest


    Many mammals, big and small, inhabit the Big Thicket.

  • coiled copperhead snake in some brush

    Amphibians & Reptiles

    Read more about the fascinating reptiles and amphibians of the Big Thicket.

  • white ibis in flight above a marsh


    Big Thicket is home to a wide of variety of birds, from migratory species to year-round residents.


Last updated: January 15, 2023

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