Columbus Day Weekend

Columbus day weekend at Elliott Key
The wonders of the park are best experienced safely and responsibly.

National parks are a tradition in which the United States leads the world. They are America's best idea. Biscayne National Park is one of those special places. It preserves and protects a "rare combination of terrestrial, marine, and amphibious life in a tropical setting of great natural beauty."

Columbus Day weekend has traditionally drawn large crowds of boaters to the park. In order to provide for the safety of park visitors and resources and preserve the park, a number of special measures are put in place each year over this busy holiday weekend.

Frequently asked questions and park brochure for Columbus Day weekend in Biscayne National Park.

We Need Your Help

As you enjoy the company of your friends and family and the beauty of the park, please remember to do your part to remain safe and to protect this special place.

  • Stay parked after dark - This simple act may save your life, the lives of others, the environment and your pocketbook. As the sun sets, it becomes more difficult to see swimmers in the water, other boaters traversing area waters, and shallow shoal areas and accidents are likely to occur.
  • Maintain control of your trash and don't let it get into the water. Keep it on board and dispose of it when you return to shore.
  • Watch the water depth; seagrass beds are very important to the health of the bay and operating a boat in water that is too shallow can cause severe damage to them and result in costly repairs to the resource, your boat and your engine.
  • Have a designated driver if alcoholic beverages are being consumed. We want you to arrive home safely.

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