Pyrenula, a lichenized fungus
Fungi of the genus Pyrenula are widespread in tropical and sub-tropical environments

Although fungi are sorted under "plants" on this website, fungi are not plants. They represent a distinct biological kingdom of their own. They include mushrooms, yeasts and molds. Although fairly common, they are often overlooked due to their small size and habitats. Fungi perform important roles of decomposing organic matter and nutrient cycling. The list below contains species of fungi documented in the park. This list is not exhaustive. Please report sightings that are not on this list to the webmaster.

Amandinea punctata
Anisomeridium biforme
Anisomeridium tamarindi
Arthonia compensatula
Arthonia conferta
Arthonia cf. conferta
Arthonia cf. dispersula
Arthonia ochrolutea
Arthonia ochrospila
Arthonia platygraphidea
Arthonia vernans

Bactrospora denticulata
Bactrospora mesospora
Bactrospora myriadea

Caloplaca epiphora
Coccocarpia erythroxyli
Coccocarpia palmicola
Coenogonium nepalense

Dyplolabia afzelii

Enterographa anguinella
Enterographa pallidella
Enterographa subserialis

Glyphis cicatricosa
Glyphis scyphulifera
Graphis "brittonii"
Graphis cincta
Graphis crebra
Graphis dendrogramma
Graphis librata
Graphis lineola

Hafellia bahiana

Lecanora achroa
Lecanora argentata
Lecanora floridula
Lecanora leprosa

Melaspilea arthonioides
Melaspilea cupularis
Melaspilea maculosa
Monoblastia palmicola

Opegrapha viridis

Parmotrema tinctorum
Pertusaria xanthodes
Phaeographis intricans
Physcia atrostriata
Porina nucla
Pyrenula cerina
Pyrenula cocoes
Pyrenula confoederrata
Pyrenula cruetna
Pyrenula martinicana
Pyrenula ochraceoflava
Pyrenula ochraceoflavens
Pyrenula oleosa
Pyrenula punctella
Pyrenula thelomorpha
Pyxine cocoes

Ramalina denticulata
Rinodina intrusa

Sarcographa medusulina
Schismatomma rappii
Strigula americana
Strigula smaragdula

Last updated: February 28, 2017

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