Primitive Roadside Campsite— Hannold Draw

Hannold Draw Primitive Roadside Campsite
Hannold Draw Primitive Roadside Campsite

NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou

Campsite Specifics
Hannold Draw (HD-1) can accommodate 3 vehicles*, 20 people. Corral can accommodate 8 horses.
*NOTE: A trailer is considered a vehicle for site capacities.
Hannold Draw (HD-1) is located 4.8 miles north of Panther Junction on Route 11 (toward Persimmon Gap). A short, 0.25 mile gravel access road leads to the campsite area. The turnoff is not marked; watch your odometer.
Road Conditions
The access road is generally well-maintained and accessible to all passenger vehicles. Following rains, the road may become very rutted and high-clearance vehicles may be necessary.
There is no shade at this site. Vegetation in the vicinity is sparse, mostly creosote and lechuguilla.
There is a good view of the Chisos Mountains to the north and the Sierra del Carmen range is visible to the distant east. The site is in a low draw.
Javelina frequent this area. Secure all food in your vehicle, including coolers. Pick up all trash. Javelina become aggressive around food.
Hannold Draw 1 (HD-1) is a sizeable campsite area suitable for several tents or a large RV. A cleared area south of the campsite is a gravel stockpile used by the park’s road crew. The draw just to the east of the site may have flowing water following heavy rain.

Last updated: January 10, 2020

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