Commercial Use Authorization

Permit Information

Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA), are a permit issued by the park Superintendent to allow certain commercial activities within the park. Permits are required of all operators who provide any goods, activities, agreements or other services to the general public which take place, at least in part, in the park, uses park resources and are undertaken for or results in compensation, monetary gain, benefit or profit to an individual, organization or corporation.

Commercial aspects, such as advertising, negotiation of compensation, and receipt of money/compensation must occur outside of the park.

Year-round permits coincide with our fiscal year, starting October 1 and ending September 30 of the following year. Permits may also be issued for one-time use.

Application Instructions

To apply, mail:
$100 application fee (non-refundable)
Proof of Insurance, meeting requirements
Allow 4-6 weeks for processing

Basic Requirements

  • Meet all insurance requirements over duration of permit.
  • Comply with all park rules and permit conditions.
  • Submit accurate Annual Report within 60 days of permit expiration.

Permit Fees

Valid through September 30, 2019

  • $100 application fee, non-refundable, sent in with application
  • $400 for year-round permit, with river use
  • $300 for year-round permit, no river use
  • $200 for one-time use permit

Additionally, a cost-recovery based charge not to exceed $5 per river user day (number of clients times number of days on river) will be charged at the conclusion of river use permits to cover costs of monitoring and managing CUA river use.


Beginning October 1, 2019, the following changes will be made to CUA permits:

Fees will be increased for permit applications to $300 annually. Permits will not be renewed from previous years; every commercial operator will need to submit an application for a permit for each fiscal year they operate.
  • No additional fee for the permit
  • Cost-Recovery Fee
    A cost-recovery fee, to recover costs associated with the administration and management of the CUA program. Fees will be based on a percentage of revenue earned from in-park or park-based operations. Market price fees will be based on the following:
    • Less than $250,000 earned from park-based operations: 3% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
    • $250,000-$500,000 earned from park-based operations: 4% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
    • More than $500,000 earned from park-based operations: 5% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
  • This will be included as part of the annual report and a check for the appropriate amount should accompany the annual report.
For more information on market based fees, please see


Annual Report

If you have any questions concerning the Commercial Use Authorization program,
please contact CUA Coordinator, David Elkowitz (432-477-1139).

Last updated: December 23, 2019

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