Hiking in Bandelier

Upper Alamo Canyon

Photo by Lance Cleaver

Bandelier National Monument has over 70 miles of trail within its boundaries and many more miles that connect out into the adjacent Santa Fe National Forest Lands. The most popular of these trails are the Pueblo Loop Trail and Alcove House Trail. They are accessed from the visitor center in Frijoles Canyon. These trails take you to many Ancestral Pueblo sites.

The Falls Trail is another trail that is very popular. It takes you to a beautiful waterfall. Before the flash floods of 2011 the trail continued to the Lower Falls and ultimately to the Rio Grande. Flooding destroyed the trail leaving no access to the Rio Grande from Frijoles Canyon. There are no archeological sites on this trail.

Bandelier also offers opportunities for much longer hikes. Permits are available for overnight stays in much of Bandelier's backcountry.

visitors at cerro grande
High elevation hikes such as Cerro Grande offer amazing vistas and are cooler in summer than lower elevation hikes.  However, they are often snow packed in winter.

Photo by Sally King

turkey springs
Lower elevation hikes offer panoramic views as well but are hotter in summer with minimal shade. On any hike, in any season, be sure to take plenty of water and sun protection.

photo by Lance Cleaver

Last updated: April 2, 2024

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