Guided Tours

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Main Loop Tours

June through September

Join a Ranger for an interpretive walk to the Tyuonyi pueblo. Although the topics vary by Ranger, you will lean about the flora and fauna, the culture, and the history of Bandelier National Monument that you might not hear anywhere else. This short 1 to 1.5 hour tour starts from the Visitor Center and ends at the Tyuonyi Pueblo or beyond.

Backcountry Get Outdoors Hike

Join our Backcountry Ranger for a more adventurous hike into the backcountry.

If the idea of going beyond the sight of the Visitor Center or the parking lot has frightened you, but you still want to get to places few get to in Bandelier, joining a Ranger might just be the opportunity you have been searching for.

Back country hikes by reservation only. Call the visitor center for an updated list of hike dates and locations. 505-672-3861 x517

Other walks and hikes

Offered through the year are CCC Historic District tours, Falls Trail hikes, Moonlight hikes, and more extensive Back Country hikes. Call the visitor center for more information. 505-672-3861 x517

Last updated: February 4, 2019

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