velvet buck
Mule deer can be found in all parts of the park and frequently can be seen on the Main Loop Trail.

Photo by Sally King

Bandelier National Monument is home to over 55 species of mammals including sixteen species of bats, mule deer, Abert's squirrels, and mountain lions. Other mammals such as wolves and Grizzly bear used to roam the park's canyons and mesas but were eradicated by human activities. Recently several species (big-horned sheep and river otter) were reintroduced into the area after a long absence.
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bull elk
In winter, it is not uncommon to see elk herds in the area and along the park entrance road.

Photo by Sally King

badgers play
American badgers play at their burrow

Photo by Sally King

More information is available on the following mammals:
Abert's Squirrel
American Badger
American Pika
Big-horned sheep
Black Bears
Mule Deer

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