Coyotes are very intellegent animals, adept at surviving in changing conditions.

Photo by Sally King

Coyotes have long been symbols of the Southwest although their range includes the entire continental United States, much of Canada, and Alaska. Many Native American stories include coyotes as a main character. They are often depicted as creatures of wisdom but also as tricksters. If you're camping on a clear night with bright moonlight, a coyote's distinctive howl can only make one wonder about his long and colorful history.
resting coyote
Coyote actions are often very similar to that of domesticated dogs.

Photo by Sally King

Coyotes can be found in all parts of Bandelier. Members of the canine family, it is not unusual to discover they have many characteristics similar to the family's pet dog. Coyote are omnivores eating pretty much whatever they can find and, although secretive, don't shy aware from living in close contact with humans. In the park, it is important that campsites and picnic areas be kept clean, to discourage these wild animals from frequent contact with visitors.
turn back coyote
Coyotes may live alone, in pairs, or in small groups.

Photo by Sally King

Coyotes are active year-round. They live singly, in pairs, or in extended family groups known as packs. Coyote communication may take the form of yips, barks, and of course, howls.
hungry coyote
Coyote take advantage of roadkills along highways but unfortunately end up being hit by cars as well.

photo by sally king

Coyote are born scavengers and are often seen along roadways where they can take advantage of roadkills. They will also hunt small mammals and can sometimes be seen leaping high into the air during an attack. Coyote are important predators that help keep rodent populations in check.

coyote stareb
Coyote are approximately the size of German Shepard.

Photo by Sally King

In Bandelier, coyote have gray to tan to yellow fur. Coyotes are significantly larger than foxes and can be mistaken for a large dog like a German Shepard. The tell-tell giveaway are their pointed muzzles and those intriguing yellow eyes that are heavily ringed by black.

Printable coyote fact sheet (PDF).

coyote on rocks
Coyotes are often considered to be symbols of the Southwest.

Photo by Sally King

coyotes 2 clean
Coyotes hunt singularly, in pairs, or in packs.

photo by sally king

nose licking coyote
Coyote have a thick coat of fur in winter that sheds to a lighter coat in summer.

photo by sally king

coyote 77
Watch for coyotes crossing the road or the trail in Bandelier.

photo by sally king

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