StoryMap: Places of American Women in Education

Teacher  pointing to wall mural in front of group of children, Library of Congress,
Teacher  pointing to wall mural in front of group of children.

Library of Congress,

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American Women’s Role in Education

Women have played a major role in shaping the American education system. As students, teachers, principals, administrators, and more, women have sought to learn and educate. The places in this StoryMap span from coast to coast and share just a few of the places associated with women’s education in the United States.

The StoryMap was produced in concert with National Park Service partners, including the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers.

Snapshot of existing storymap with text and digital map.
American Women in Education

Explore Places of women's education all across the country.

Places of American Women in Education

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Last updated: April 26, 2023