No Touching Bison Coloring Activity

National parks are amazing places to watch animals in the wild, including majestic bison. It is important to give animals their space for your safety—and theirs. Follow recommended safety practices for encountering wildlife, including no touching and no approaching.

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Coloring Activity

Coloring sheet encouraging people not to touch bison, additional alt text on the webpage

NPS / Matt Turner

The image is a coloring activity to encouage wildlife safety, especially giving bison their space. Text on the image reads "Touch a Bison! Visit a Hospital! National Park Service. Keeping You Safe Since 1916." The illustration includes a hand on the right side reaching out to a bison on the left and center of the image. Another bison and two trees are in the upper right of the image. Clouds are also in the background at the top of the image. Instructions for the activity are included on this webpage.


Download the “Touch a Bison, Visit a Hospital” image. Choose your method:

  1. Print the image and color it with art supplies of your choice or
  2. Use a software program to draw or paint on the image

Share your art on social media using #KeepingWildlifeWild and #FindYourPark or #EncuentraTuParque to promote wildlife safety in parks.


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Last updated: April 20, 2020