Puma Profiles: P-32

Mountain Lion looking into camera at night.


Like the litter of P-23 and P-24, this male and his two litter siblings, P-33 and P-34, is the product of first-order inbreeding between father (and grandfather!) P-12, and mother (and sister!), P-19. Despite that, P-32’s claim to fame was being the first male documented to disperse out of the Santa Monica Mountains to the north. Like his sister before him, he crossed the 101 at the Camarillo grade. This was classic male mountain lion dispersal behavior being played out in a fragmented urban habitat. Once out of the Santa Monica Mountains (P-13’s territory) and into the Simi Hills and Santa Susanas (P-38’s territory), he found himself in Los Padres (P-16’s presumed territory). Continuing his search for his own range, the effect of habitat fragmentation caught up with him. He died trying to cross Interstate 5 in August 2015.

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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Last updated: January 19, 2023