Puma Profiles: P-30

Mountain Lion looking into camera at night.

Initial capture date: 2013

The only male in the 2013 litter of four birthed by P-13 to P-12. P-30 was last captured in February 2018 and researchers placed a new GPS collar on him at that time. The interesting thing about P-30 is that he is the first male lion kitten we have marked at the den to have survived long enough in the Santa Monica's to reach adulthood and establish a home range.

Researchers documented him and his half-sibling P-23 traveling together for three days and then, approximately 90 days later, saw a series of localized GPS locations, indicating that P-23 had recently given birth. Genetic testing has revealed, however, that P-12 is the father, not P-30. Females can breed with multiple males during an estrus cycle.

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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Last updated: January 19, 2023