One App, All Parks. Your Companion for National Park Week.

Before you head out on your National Park Week adventure from April 20-28, download the National Park Service’s NPS Mobile App. Experience every national park in your fingertips through one app for your smartphone. Explore the app day by day during National Park Week—or any time of year—with the below list of suggestions. With more than 400 national parks across the country (which one is closest to you?), the opportunities are endless! Parks continue to add more great content every day, so remember to keep exploring the app.

National Park Week 2021 logo
National Park Week

There are even more ways to celebrate National Park Week this year. Each day has a special theme, find yours!

Three smartphones displaying the NPS App
The NPS App

Want to know more about the NPS App? Take a deeper look at this new tool to experience your national parks.

Recreate Responsibly graphic that includes an illustration of an elk in the woods near a mountain
Join the #RecreateResponsibly Movement

If you are heading to a park to use the NPS App, keep some basic safety tips in mind while you embark on your adventure.

A warm sunset glow illuminates sand dunes and snowy mountains.
Use the app to find places and things to do in parks. You can even set up a favorites list to keep track of all your interests and goals.

NPS / Patrick Myers

Discovery Saturday

Virtually explore your public lands. Open the app and navigate to a park that begins with the first letter of your first, middle, or last name.

Volunteer Sunday

Become a steward. Did you know that you can find volunteer opportunities with the NPS Mobile app? The NPS App can connect you with volunteer opportunities to help national parks with a wide range of tasks to meet your interests and availability.

Earth Day

Conserve and preserve! Parks may be closer to home than you think. Use the NPS App to find nearby parks or across the country to experience nature or get involved with stewardship. You can create a favorites list to keep track of things you want to do, places you want to visit, and ways you’d like to get involved as a steward.

A junior ranger with many badges shakes the hand of a park ranger.
National parks may be closer to home than you think. Use the app to find the parks closest to you.

NPS / Neal Herbert

Community Connections Friday

Connect with your closest park! The NPS App’s event calendar makes it easy to find programs and other events. With over 400 national park sites throughout the country, there is likely one within driving distance of your home!

Junior Ranger Day

Find fun for the family. Plan a trip with your Junior Ranger using the NPS App. Many parks also offer virtual programs you can do at home together!

A flamboyance of flamingos stand in shallow water under a blue sky and mangroves are in the background.
A virtual postcard from Everglades National Park, an exceptionally rare flamingo sighting.

NPS / Peter Zarba

Arts in the Parks Sunday

Send a virtual postcard! Get artistic with your photographs and share them your friends and family. Way back in the day, it became a tradition to send postcards when visiting a national park. The NPS App helps you create virtual postcards using your own photographs from your visit! For extra fun, share your virtual postcards on social media using #FindYourPark and #NationalParkWeek.

Last updated: April 9, 2024