Horseback Riding

If your preferred mode of transport for exploring new country is on the back of a horse, you're in luck. Horses are permitted in Arches, though there are restrictions on their use and where they can go. Please read through the following regulations before you arrive in the park.

  • Horses, mules and burros are designated as pack animals. No other animals, including llamas and goats, are designated as pack animals.
  • The use of saddle and pack animals is permitted in the following roadless areas: Salt Wash upstream from the Delicate Arch road, Courthouse Wash and Seven Mile Canyon.
  • All travel in roadless areas is confined to the wash bottoms. Leaving wash bottoms to avoid quicksand when it is present is an exception to this regulation.
  • Use is permitted on all designated four-wheel roads within the park, which include: The Willow Springs road, the "four-wheel-drive road" (from Salt Valley to Willow Flats including the Tower Arch loop road) and the Cache Valley road.
  • Use is permitted on the following two-wheel drive, non-paved roads: Salt Valley road from the main park road to the park's west boundary and the Klondike Bluffs road.
  • Horse and pack stock users are required to obtain a backcountry permit at the Arches Visitor Center for overnight trips.
  • Maximum group size for overnight and day trips is ten people and ten pack animals.
  • Campsites must be one mile from and out of sight of roads and frontcountry facilities, and 1/2 mile from any designated trail.
  • Campsites must be 300 feet from any recognizable archeological sites.
  • Campsites and tethering must be a minimum of 300 feet from any non-flowing water source. The same distance is recommended from continuously flowing water, but 100 feet is the required distance from flowing water.
  • Where possible, horses will be watered downstream from the source. All manure dropped in or near any spring or non-flowing water source must be immediately removed to avoid contamination.
  • At trailheads and other loading areas, any manure spilled from the trailering unit, fresh excrement, or feed must be picked up prior to departing.
  • Horses must be picketed in locations which least damage the vegetation. Animals may not be directly tied to trees and other vegetation except tamarisk (salt cedar). Animals may be tied directly to this exotic species.
  • Grazing, or loose herding of pack and saddle stock is not allowed in the park and horse and pack stock users are required to carry feed for overnight trips. In the backcountry, the use of loose hay or grain containing viable seeds is prohibited. Stock users are required to carry supplemental weed free feed on all trips.
  • All parties are required to scatter manure upon vacating a campsite. Animals that remain "camped" in an area longer than twelve hours should be rotated to a new picket site and any manure at the old site scattered no less than 100 feet from any campsite or water source.
  • Pack and saddle stock may not be ridden or kept overnight in any established roadside campground.
  • Any commercially guided horse or pack stock trip must be provided by an outfitter authorized to operate under the commercial use procedures within Arches National Park.

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