Orobanchaceae Orobanche fasciculata

Orobanche fasciculata

Orobanche fasciculata

Family: Orobanchaceae – Broomrape Family

Orobanche fasciculata is the only species from this family represented at Arches National Park .

Perennial herbs, lacking chlorophyll and parasitic on the roots of other plants; stems purplish, brownish, or yellowish white; extending above ground for 2” to 4” (5 to 10 cm)

Leaves: leaves reduced and scalelike; alternate

Flowers: 5 lobed united tubular petals with an upper and lower lip; 5 united lobed sepals; 4 stamens; 1 pistil; flowers tubular, purplish, reddish, or yellowish, 0.6” to 1.2” (15 to 30 mm) long; flowers mostly perfect, rarely imperfect; irregular

Pollinators: other genera in this family are pollinated by bees

Fruits: 2- valved capsule

Blooms in Arches National Park: May, June

Habitat in Arches National Park: desert shrub and pinyon-juniper communities

Location seen: Broken Arch trail

Other: The genus name, “Orobanche”, is a Greek name of a plant that was parasitic on vetch. The Greek “orobos” means “a kind of vetch” and “anchone” means “choke or strangle”. This genus is commonly parasitic on species of “Artemisia” (sagebrush, wormwood, and sagewort). The species name, “fasciculata”, is derived from a Latin word meaning "bundles" and describes the way the leaves are attached to the leaf stem in little bundles.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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