Asteraceae Brickellia longifolia

Four photos of a shrub with small white flowers and long thin green leaves.

Brickellia longifolia

Family: Asteraceae (A Utah Flora – Compositae) – Sunflower Family

Shrubs; 3.3' to 4.9' (10 to 15 dm) tall

Leaves: alternate; simple; entire; no hairs; resin-dotted; 0.4” to 5.2” (1 to 13 cm) long, 0.12” to 0.32” (3 to 8 mm) wide

Flowers: 3 to 5 flowers per cluster; small green or white disk flowers, no ray flowers; flowers tubular and perfect; fertile

Pollinators: other genera in this family are pollinated by insects

Fruits: achene – 1 seeded with hard shell

Blooms in Arches National Park: August, September, October

Habitat in Arches National Park: riparian areas, canyon bottoms, seeps and hanging gardens

Location seen: park road mile 0 to 3, Fiery Furnace

Other: The genus name, “Brickellia”, honors Dr. John Brickell (1749-1809), a physician and botanist from Savannah, Georgia. The species name, “longifolia”, means “long-leaved” and refers to the long, narrow leaves which also inspire the common name.

This family is the most advanced and complex of the dicots. The family is rich in oils and resins and is found in every part of the world, but is infrequent in the tropical rainforest. Aquatic or semi-aquatic species are also uncommon.

Last updated: January 11, 2022

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