Superintendent's Directive W2: Segway Guidance

September 14, 2007


To: All Employees, Southeast Utah Group
From: Superintendent, Southeast Utah Group
Subject: Segway Guidance

The use of Segways in the parks of the Southeast Utah Group (SEUG) is restricted to persons with disabilities. All parks of the SEUG share the following guidelines for Segway use:

1) Segways and similar devices are permitted to travel in areas where wheelchairs are allowed, provided the operator has a valid America the Beautiful Access pass. Staff is authorized to politely ask visitors to present their America the Beautiful Access pass. If the operator does not have such a pass, they should be given instructions on how to apply for one. A Segway can only be operated in the parks of the SEUG by an America the Beautiful Access pass holder.

2) National Park Service regulations define where wheelchairs are allowed. Wheelchairs, either motorized or manual, are to be treated as pedestrians, with no restrictions other than those that apply to pedestrians. As per 36CFR1.2 (5)(e), “The regulations… are intended to treat a mobility-impaired person using a manual or motorized wheelchair as a pedestrian, and are not intended to restrict the activities of such a person beyond the degree that the activities of a pedestrian are restricted by the same regulations.”

3) Segways and similar devices are prohibited from using park roadways; the steep grades and lack of shoulders on park roadways, and the relatively low speed and low visibility of the devices, pose a safety hazard.

4) Use of Segways and similar devices by people without physical impairment is prohibited on all park lands.

Kate Cannon

Last updated: December 1, 2017

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