Superintendent's Directive H2: Collecting Park Resources

February 15, 2011


To: All Employees, Southeast Utah Group
From: Superintendent, Southeast Utah Group
Subject: Collecting of Park Resources

This directive describes the limited circumstances that allow SEUG staff or others to collect objects such as cultural artifacts and natural specimens in SEUG parks. The purpose of this directive is to ensure that SEUG employees understand limits imposed by law and policy on the ability of individuals to collect objects found in SEUG parks. Collection is defined as the removal of an object from the location in which it is found.

Objects may be collected only by individuals who possess a valid collection permit. Collection is governed, in part, by the following laws and policies:

  • The Scope of Collection Statement for the Southeast Utah Group (March 2010) identifies appropriate objects to be collected and outlines proper collection procedures. The SEUG Scope of Collection Statement can be viewed on the SEUG SharePoint Site.
  • The Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) specifies that a permit is required for any excavation and/or removal of archeological resources (Section 4). The Act describes the qualifications and procedures needed to apply for an ARPA permit. These are issued by the Regional Office. Should you encounter a cultural object in the field, leave it in place and contact the Park Archeologist for further instructions.
  • Federal regulations (36 CFR Part 2.5) specify that a collection permit issued by the park superintendent is required for all research, inventory, monitoring, impact analysis, group study, or museum display proposing to collect objects in a park. For purposes of this Directive, "museum display" encompasses both personal and nonpersonal interpretive uses. Regulations further identify under what conditions collecting can occur, what qualifications are needed when applying for a collection permit, and under what circumstances the superintendent can deny the issuance of a collection permit.
  • Under Management Policies 8.11.2, and subject to all applicable laws and regulations, the SEUG Superintendent has authorized SEUG Natural Resource staff to collect natural specimens in the course of carrying out routine duties without a research / collecting permit.

To summarize: Collecting of natural or cultural objects from any of the parks in the SEUG may be accomplished under a valid collection permit, subject to certain requirements, issued by the Regional Office (in the case of an ARPA permit) or by the SEUG Superintendent. Collecting such objects from SEUG lands without a permit is against the law, even when it is done by an employee. The overriding purpose of this Directive is to keep resources IN the parks. If you need natural or cultural objects for research or interpretation, follow the procedures that regulate their acquisition.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Chief, Division of Resource Management.

/s/ Kate Cannon

Last updated: September 20, 2017

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