Desert Adaptations Crossword Puzzle Answers

A completed crossword puzzle overlaid on an image of a cactus with a red flower. Answers are as follows: 1 is jack, 2 is fox, 3 is beetle, 4 is coyote, 5 is evening, 6 is cactus, 7 is spadefoot, 8 is owl, 9 is tree, and 10 is sagebrush


4. You can find me almost anywhere in the United States. In the desert, I weight less, and my fur is shorter and thinner. It is also a lighter color to reflect sunlight and heat. I am a c o y o t e.
5. My delicate white flowers bloom only once and only during the cool evening to reduce moisture loss. I am an e v e n i n g -primrose.
7. I can dig into the ground using the "scrapers" on the underside of my back legs. I wait there through the dry season. When I feel the vibrations of thunder, I return above ground. I am a s p a d e f o o t toad.
9. My berries and tiny leaves are covered with a waxy coating. This helps keep me from drying out. I am a juniper t r e e.
10. The hairs on gray-green leaves of the s a g e b r u s h help protect it against heat, cold and dry winds.


1. The veins in my long ears allow me to keep cool in the summer by radiating away up to one-third of my body heat. I am a j a c krabbit.
2. Thick fur on my feet gives me traction on desert sands and insulates my toes from hot surfaces. I am about the size of a cat. I am a kit f o x.
3. My nickname is "stinkbug" because of the yucky black liquid I spray to protect myself from predators. I am active during the cooler part of the day. I am a darkling b e e t l e.
6. I am covered with spines. They discourage animals that would like to eat me. I am a c a c t u s.
8. My night vision is so good that I can hunt in almost complete darkness. I am sometimes known as a "flying tiger" because I will prey upon animals as large as a skunk. I am an o w l.


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Last updated: July 17, 2021

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