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Delicate Arch coloring page
Delicate Arch was once called names like "Chaps" and "Old Maid's Bloomers" because it looks like a pair of pants. What is your favorite name for this arch?
Delicate Arch coloring sheet 2
Delicate Arch stands tall and strong against the sky. Junior Rangers protect the park by marking on paper, never on rocks.
Turret Arch coloring page
The tower of a castle is called the "turret". If you use your imagination, can you see a castle tower in this picture of Turret Arch?
Lizard coloring page
When lizards do "push-ups" they are saying, "Back off! This is my rock!" Junior Rangers protect park animals by never chasing or catching them.
Chipmunk coloring picture
Hopi Chipmunks are commonly seen in Arches National Park. They can be recognized by their small size (8 inches / 20 centimeters) and the stripes on their faces and sides.
Windows coloring sheet
Can you see the face in this view of North and South Window? Junior rangers use their imaginations while walking only on park trails.
Petroglyphs coloring page
These petroglyphs were pecked into the rock by Native Americans. Each image tells a story about the past. You can protect petroglyphs by not touching them because oils from our hands can damage them. Today, we do not paint or scratch rocks because it is illegal, and because we have different ways to communicate.
Cactus coloring sheet

Cacti store precious rain water in thick green pads, protected by spines. Junior Rangers protect plants by never picking flowers, leaves, or berries.

Rock Formations coloring page
Rock formations are like clouds because we can imagine all kinds of shapes in them. What shapes can you imagine in these rock formations?

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