Required Page 2 - Matching Civil War People

Match each person’s name to his correct role at Appomattox Court House by placing the appropriate number next to the appropriate person’s name. ( or by viewing the movie, “With Malice Toward None.” See link on main page)



A. U.S. Grant _____ 1. His house was used for the surrender meeting
B. Robert E. Lee _____ 2. In charge of the Union troops at the Stacking of Arms Ceremony
C.Joshua Chamberlain _____ 3. Lee’s Aide de Camp
D. John B. Gordon _____ 4. Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
E. Wilmer McLean _____ 5. Wrote official ink copy of the surrender terms
F. George A. Custer _____ 6. In charge of the Confederate troops at the Stacking of Arms ceremony
G. Ely S. Parker_____ 7. Commander of Union Armies
H. Charles Marshall _____ 8. Captured Lee’s supply trains on April 8th 1865
Did You Know?
Lee and Grant both attended West Point, but not at the same time.
(Lee-Class of 1829 Grant-Class of 1843)

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