Required Page 1-The National Park Service

Required page 1

The National Park Service

In 2016, the National Park Service (NPS), a branch of the federal government that is responsible for protecting and caring for over 400 parks, celebrated its 100th anniversary.
The arrowhead below is the emblem of the National Park Service. The symbols on it represent the vegetation, wildlife, scenery, historical, and archaeological treasures within those properties which they protect.
Title: National Park Service - Description: National Park Service

Next to each of the descriptions below write the number of the symbol that the item represents
1.Title: pine tree - Description: picture of pine tree 2. Title: Buffalo picture - Description: Buffalo picture 3. Title: Picture of lake and trees - Description: Picture of lake and trees
4. Title: outline of arrow head - Description: outline of arrow head 5. Title: Picture of a mountain - Description: Picture of a mountain
  1. All vegetation _____
  2. Land formations, scenery, and recreation_____
  3. All wildlife_____
  4. Clean water and recreation_____
  5. Historical and archeological treasures_____
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