Matching Civil War Flags

Flags were important during the Civil War, just as they are today, to express patriotism and unity. On the battlefield they identified which side you were fighting for. The Confederates had some problems creating a national flag because the designers were often not thinking of the battlefield when they created the flag. How the flag could be seen on the battlefield was motivation to change the first two designs flown as national flags by the Confederacy. The first flag, Stars & Bars, looked too much like the United States Flag, “Old Glory”. The next flag, “The Stainless Banner”, looked too much like a surrender flag. On the last flag, “The Confederate Third National”, a red bar was added to the flag. In addition to a national flag, the Confederacy also had a battle flag that was easy to recognize on the battlefield.

Match the names of the flags with the flags by placing the number next to the flag on the line next to name of the flag.
  1. Old Glory _____
  1. Confederate First National (Stars & Bars) _____
  1. Confederate Second National (Stainless Banner)_____
  1. Confederate Third National _____
  1. Confederate Battle Flag _____

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Last updated: June 25, 2020

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