Army of the Potomac - Second Corps

MGen Edwin V. Sumner
Escort: 6th New York Cavalry, Company D, Capt Henry W. Lyon
6th New York Cavalry, Compnay K, Capt Riley Johnson

MGen Israel B. Richardson (mw)
BGen John C. Caldwell
BGen Winfield S. Hancock

First Brigade
BGen John C. Caldwell
5th New Hampshire, Col Edward E. Cross (w)
7th New York, Capt Charles Brestel
61st and 64th New York, Col Francis C. Barlow (w), LtCol Nelson A. Miles
81st Pennsylvania, Maj H. Boyd McKeen

Second Brigade
BGen Thomas F. Meagher (w)
Col John Burke
29th Massachusetts, LtCol Joseph H. Barnes
63rd New York, Col John Burke, LtCol Henry Fowler (w),
Maj Richard C. Bentley (w), Capt Joseph O'Neill
69th New York, LtCol James Kelly (w), Maj James Cavanagh
88th New York, LtCol Patrick Kelly

Third Brigade
Col John R. Brooke
2nd Delaware, Capt David L. Stricker
52nd New York, Col Paul Frank
57th New York, LtCol Philip S. Parisen (k), Maj Alford B. Chapman
66th New York, Capt Julius Wehle, LtCol James H. Bull
53rd Pennsylvania, LtCol Richards McMichael

B, 1st New York, Capt Rufus D. Pettit
A and C, 4th U. S., Lt Evan Thomas

MGen John Sedgwick (w)
BGen Oliver O. Howard

First Brigade
BGen Willis A. Gorman
15th Massachusetts, LtCol John W. Kimball
1st Minnesota, Col Alfred Sully
34th New York, Col James A. Suitor
82nd New York (2nd Militia), Col Henry W. Hudson
1st Company Massachusetts Sharpshooters, Capt John Saunders (k)
3rd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters, Capt William F. Russell

Second Brigade
BGen Oliver O. Howard
Col Joshua T. Owen
Col DeWitt C. Baxter
69th Pennsylvania, Col Joshua T. Owen
71st Pennsylvania, Col Isaac J. Wistar (w), Lt Richard P. Smith,
Capt Enoch E. Lewis
72nd Pennsylvania., Col DeWitt C. Baxter
106th Pennsylvania, Col Turner G. Morehead

Third Brigade
BGen Napoleon J. T. Dana (w)
Col Norman J. Hall
19th Massachusetts, Col Edward W. Hinks (w), LtCol Arthur F. Devereux (w),
Capt H. G. Weymouth
20th Massachusetts, Col William R. Lee
7th Michigan, Col Norman I. Hall, Capt. Charles J. Hunt
42nd New York, LtCol George N. Bomford (w), Maj James E. Mallon
59th New York, Col William L. Tidball

A, 1st Rhode Island, Capt John A. Tompkins
I, 1st U.S., Lt George A. Woodruff

Gen William H. French

First Brigade
BGen Nathan Kimball
14th Indiana, Col William Harrow
8th Ohio, LtCol. Franklin Sawyer
132nd Pennsylvania, Col Richard A. Oakford (k), LtCol Vincent M. Wilcox
7th West Virginia, Col Joseph Snider

Second Brigade
Col Dwight Morris
14th Connecticut, LtCol Sanford H. Perkins
108th New York, Col Oliver H. Palmer
130th Pennsylvania, Col Henry I. Zinn

Third Brigade
BGen Max Weber (w)
Col John W. Andrews
1st Delaware, Col John W. Andrews, LtCol Oliver Hopkinson (w)
5th Maryland, Maj Leopold Blumenberg (w), Capt E. F. M. Faehtz
4th New York, LtCol John D. MacGregor

Unattached Artillery
G, 1st New York Capt. John D. Frank
B, 1st Rhode Island, Capt John G. Hazard
G, 1st Rhode Island, Capt. C. D. Owen

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.


Last updated: June 18, 2015

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