Army of the Potomac - Ninth Corps

MGen Ambrose E. Burnside
MGen Jesse L. Reno (k, 9/14)
BGen Jacob D. Cox

Escort: Company G, 1st Maine Cavalry, Capt Zebulon B. Blethen

BGen Orlando B. Wilcox

First Brigade
Col Benjamin C. Christ
28th Massachusetts, Capt Andrew P. Caraher
17th Michigan, Col William H. Withington
79th New York, LtCol David Morrison
50th Pennsylvania, Maj Edward Overton (w), Capt William H. Diehl

Second Brigade
Col Thomas Welsh
8th Michigan (transferred to First Brigade, Sept. 16th),
LtCol Frank Graves, Maj. Ralph Ely
46th New York, LtCol Joseph Gerhardt
45th Pennsylvania, LtCol John I. Curtin
100th Pennsylvania, LtCol David A. Leckey

8th Massachusetts, Capt Asa M. Cook
E, 2nd U.S., Lt Samuel N. Benjamin

BGen Samuel D. Sturgis

First Brigade
BGen James Nagle
2nd Maryland, LtCol J. Eugene Duryea
6th New Hampshire, Col Simon G. Griffin
9th New Hampshire, Col Enoch Q. Fellows
48th Pennsylvania, LtCol Joshua K. Sigfried

Second Brigade
BGen Edward Ferrero
21st Massachusetts, Col William S. Clark
35th Massachusetts, Col Edward A.Wild (w), LtCol Sumner Carruth (w)
51st New York, Col Robert B. Potter
51st Pennsylvania, Col John F. Hartranft

D, Pennsylvania, Capt George W. Durell
E, 4th U.S., Capt Joseph C. Clark, Jr. (w)

BGen Isaac P. Rodman (mw)
Col Edward Harland

First Brigade
Col Harrison S. Fairchild
9th New York, LtCol Edgar A. Kimball
89th New York, Maj Edward Jardine
103rd New York, Maj. Benjamin Ringold

Second Brigade
Col Edward Harland
8th Connecticut, LtCol Hiram Appelman (w), Maj John H. Ward
11th Connecticut, Col Henry W. Kingsbury (k)
16th Connecticut, Col Francis Beach
4th Rhode Island, Col William H. P. Steere (w), LtCol Joseph B. Curtis

A, 5th U.S., Lt Charles P. Muhlenberg

Gen Jacob D. Cox
Col Eliakim P. Scammon

First Brigade
Col Eliakim P. Scammon
Col Hugh Ewing
12th Ohio, Col Carr B. White
23rd Ohio, LtCol Rutherford B. Hayes (w, 9/14), Maj James M. Comly
30th Ohio, Col Hugh Ewing, LtCol Theodore Jones (w,c), Maj George H. Hildt
1st Ohio Battery, Capt James H. McMullin
Gilmore's Company, West Virginia, Cavalry, Lt James Abraham
Harrison's Company, West Virginia, Cavalry, Lt Dennis Delaney

Second Brigade
Col Augustus Moor (c), Col George Crook
11th Ohio, LtCol Augustus H. Coleman (k), Maj Lyman J. Jackson
28th Ohio, LtCol Gottfried Becker
36th Ohio, Col George Crook, LtCol Melvin Clarke (k), Maj E. B. Andrews
Chicago Illinois Dragoons, Capt Frederick Schambeck
Kentucky Battery, Capt Seth J. Simmonds

6th New York Cavalry (8 companies), Col Thomas V. Devin
3rd Company Ohio Cavalry, Lt Jonas Seamen
L and M, 3rd U.S. Artillery, Capt John Edwards, Jr.

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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