Army of the Potomac - Sixth Corps

MGen William B. Franklin
Escort: B and G, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Capt H. P. Muirheid

MGen Henry W. Slocum

First Brigade
Col Alfred T. A. Torbert
1st New Jersey, LtCol Mark W. Collet
2nd New Jersey, Col Samuel L. Buck
3rd New Jersey, Col Henry W. Brown
4th New Jersey, Col William B. Hatch

Second Brigade
Col Joseph J. Bartlett
5th Maine, Col Nathaniel J. Jackson
16th New York, LtCol Joel J. Beaver
27th New York, LtCol Alexander D. Adams
96th Pennsylvania, Col Henry L. Cake

Third Brigade

BGen John Newton
18th New York, LtCol George R. Myers
31st New York, LtCol Francis H. Pinto
32nd New York, Col Roderick Matheson (mw, 9/14), Maj George F. Lemon (mw, 9/14)
95th Pennsylvania, Col Gustavus W. Town

Capt Emory Upton
A, Maryland, Capt John W. Wolcott
A, 1st Massachusetts, Capt. Josiah Porter
A, 1st New Jersey, Capt William Hexamer
D, 2nd U. S., Lt Edward B. Williston

MGen William F. Smith

First Brigade
BGen Winfield S. Hancock
Col Amasa Cobb
6th Maine, Col Hiram Burnham
43rd New York, Maj John Wilson
49th Pennsylvania, LtCol.Willlam Brisbane
137th Pennsylvania, Col Henry M. Bossert
5th Wisconsin, Col Amasa Cobb

Second Brigade
BGen W. T. H. Brooks
2nd Vermont, Maj James H. Walbridge
3rd Vermont, Col Breed N. Hyde
4th Vermont, LtCol Charles B. Stoughton
5th Vermont, Col Lewis A.Grant
6th Vermont, Maj Oscar L. Tuttle

Third Brigade
Col William H. Irwin
7th Maine, Maj Thomas W. Hyde
20th New York, Col Ernest von Vegesack
33rd New York, LtCol Joseph W. Corning
49th New York, LtCol William C. Alberger (w), Maj George W. Johnson
77th New York, Capt Nathan S. Babcock

Capt Romeyn B. Ayres
B, Maryland, Lt Theodore J. Vanneman
1st New York, Capt Andrew Cowan
F, 5th U. S., Lt Leonard Martin

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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