Public Hunting Opportunities Are Available at Amistad National Recreation Area at a Nominal Cost
The 2019-2020 Hunting Season at Amistad National Recreation Area will begin September 1, 2019 and end February 23, 2020.
Five specific public hunting areas will be available for archery and shotgun hunting at Amistad National Recreation Area during the 2019-2020 hunting season. White-tailed deer, javelina, turkey, rabbit, exotic mouflon sheep, exotic aoudad sheep, exotic blackbuck antelope, exotic axis deer, and feral hog can be hunted with compound, recurve, and long bows. Dove, quail, duck, and rabbit can be hunted with shotgun and birdshot. The use of rifles or handguns is prohibited at Amistad National Recreation Area.

Starting August 15, 2019, hunters can obtain a $20 National Park Service Annual Hunting Permit for all five of the Amistad National Recreation Area designated hunt areas for the entire 2019-2020 hunting season. There are several options available to obtain/purchase your hunting permit. **Please note, this year you will be required to provide your state Hunting License number on your Amistad Hunting Application.**

Our purchase options are listed in detail below :

Option 1: Come in to the Visitor Center and fill out the Special Use Application Form 10-930S in person. The cost for a hunting permit is $20 which can be paid with cash, credit or check. You will then be issued your hunting permit along with the current hunting regulations/conditions booklet for the 2019-2020 hunting season. The Visitor Center is located on U.S. Hwy 90 W, six miles west of Del Rio, Texas.

Option 2: Download the Special Use Application Form 10-930S, once completed and signed, please scan and email the application to the park at You will receive a confirmation email along with your permit #. Payment for your hunting permit can be made by credit, debit or check using our online payment system, You must first submit your application and receive your permit # prior to payment. Once payment has been received your Hunting Permit along with the current hunting regulations/conditions booklet will be mailed to the address listed on your application.

Option 3: Download the Special Use Application Form 10-930S and mail the completed and signed form to the park with a check for $20. Checks must be made payable to the National Park Service. Upon receipt of the signed form and payment, a hunting permit will be mailed to you with the current Hunting Regulations booklet within 14 days. The special use application form and check can be mailed to:
Amistad National Recreation Area
Attn: Hunting Permits
10477 Hwy 90 West
Del Rio, TX 78840

Option 4: Download and complete the Special Use Application Form 10-930S and bring in the completed and signed form to the Visitor Center with the $20 fee for the 2019-2020 hunting permit.

Options 5: Download the Special Use Application Form 10-930S. Once you have completed and signed the application form, you can then give the signed form to a friend, family member, hunting partner, etc. They can then bring your signed form to the Park Visitor Center, pay the $20 fee for you, and pick up your Annual Hunting Permit for you. They can do everything but sign the form for you. You have to be the one who signs your special use application form.

Our new application does require visitors to list their Texas Hunting License number, however, we no longer require it to be presented when picking up your permit. As a reminder, you must have in your possession the following documents while hunting at Amistad National Recreational Area: valid Texas hunting license, driver's license or official photo identification card, hunter's safety course certification (if required), and a signed Amistad Annual Hunting Permit.

Amistad National Recreation Area 2019-2020 Hunting Regulations. A printed copy of these hunting regulations will also available at the Visitor Center. We urge you to read the hunting regulations carefully, as National Park Service Hunting Regulations are more restrictive than the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunting Regulations.
Be Safe! There are venomous reptiles and insects, plants with thorns and spines, caves and sinkholes present throughout the park. Use caution and pay attention to your surroundings. To report an emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, call the Val Verde County Sheriff at 830-774-7513 and request the assistance of a park ranger. We recommend that you carry safety items such as a flashlight, compass, first aid kit, maps, and water.

All archeological features and artifacts are protected by Federal law.


Hunt Area Map

Amistad Hunt Areas PDF (2.98 MB)
Text Description of map:

This map is an aerial overview of Amistad Reservoir showing an area of approximately 83 square miles. The map is bounded by latitude and longitude coordinates, with the longitude running from about 101 5’0”W to 100 54’0”W and latitude running from 29 27’0”N to 29 33’0”N. The map legend includes the hunt area boundaries noted with a red line, the NPS boundary noted with a green line, hunt area entrances noted with a red triangle, hunt areas noted with green shading, the lake at elevation 1056’ noted with blue shading, and recently exposed land noted with light brown shading. The lake itself has four areas designated on the map, moving from west to east: Rio Grande, Castle Canyon, Devil’s River, and San Pedro Canyon. The Rio Grande continues off the map to the west and the Devil’s River continues off the map to the north, while Castle Canyon and San Pedro Canyon are bounded by land. Hunt areas 1, 2, and 3 are on the northwest side of the lake. Hunt area 1 is the southernmost of the three, bounded by the lake on its south side and a railroad track and US Highway 90 on the north and east. It is the largest of all 5 hunt areas. Hunt area 3 is north of hunt area 1, separated by Highway 90, and bounded by the lake on its east side. It is the smallest hunt area. Hunt area 2 is just north of hunt area 3 and its southern boundary partially shares the northern boundary of hunt area 3. Its boundary on the east and south is Castle Canyon. All three of these hunt areas are accessed off of Highway 90. Hunt area 4 is on the north side of the lake between Devil’s River and San Pedro Canyon. It is only accessible by boat. Hunt area 5 is accessed from Highway 277 which runs from north to south along the east side of the map. Hunt area 5 is bound by Highway 277 on the east and lake along its north and west side.

Other roads designated on the map (along with facilities that are available) include:

  1. Spur 406, located on the north end of Castle Canyon, which comes to a dead end at the lake (camping and boat launch)
  2. Spur 454, located on the south side of the lake, branching off of Highway 90 and coming to a dead end at the lake (boat launch)

Other areas designated on the map:

  1. Amistad Dam-located on the south and west end of the lake on the Rio Grande
  2. Southwinds Marina, US Air Force (boat launch)-located on the south side of the lake near the Rio Grande and Amistad Dam
  3. Rock Quarry (ground camping)-located on the north side of the lake, just off the northeast side of Highway 90
  4. Governors Landing (camping, picnic area, and designated swimming area)-located on the south side of the lake between Southwinds Marina and Diablo East
  5. Diablo East (ranger station, picnic area, interpretive hiking trail, boat launch, marina, dock fishing, and designated swimming)-located on the south side of the lake and just east of Governors Landing
  6. Visitor Information Center (ranger station and interpretive hiking trail)-located along the north side of Highway 90, approximately 2 miles east of Diablo East
  7. San Pedro (camping, group camping, picnic area, and interpretive hiking trail)-located off of the north side of Spur 454
  8. 277 South (picnic area, boat launch, and dock fishing)-located off the east side of Highway 277
  9. 277 North (camping, group camping, picnic area, and boat launch)-located off the east side of Highway 277

Hunt Area 1 PDF (1.92 MB)
Hunt Area 2 PDF (5,923 KB)
Hunt Area 3 PDF (1.93 MB)
Hunt Area 4 PDF (1.64 MB)
Hunt Area 5 PDF (1.72 MB)


Last updated: January 30, 2020

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