Painted Cave Station
Painted Cave Station

Courtesy Barker Texas History Center UT austin

Railroad Tunnels and Stations
The second U.S. transcontinental railway system had several stops located in and around the area now known as Amistad National Recreation Area. Southern Pacific also built two tunnels in the canyon cliffs. These tunnels are still partially visible from the lake.
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The 1892 Pecos Viaduct
The 1892 Pecos Viaduct

Courtesy Lehigh University

Pecos Viaduct
The Pecos High Bridge is an important landmark in American history. Following construction in 1892, the bridge was the tallest known bridge in the United States and the third tallest bridge in the world.
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Historic Image of Wagon Train
Historic Wagon Trail

Courtesy of Clark Davis

The San Antonio/El Paso Road
Three years after Texas became a state a treaty was signed determining the Rio Grande as the border between the US and Mexico. In the years to come, the discovery of gold in California would create the need to establish protected trades routes between the major cities of Texas and the West Coast.

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