Personal Experiences from WWII

Available here are stories from the War in the Aleutians, in the photos, memories, and interviews of its participants.

This collection is grouped based on the roles people had during the war. Browse different branches of the military; civilians and the war effort on the home front; and Native Unangax̂ (Aleuts) who witnessed their homeland caught up in the war.

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    The Home Front

    Learn more about folks supporting the war effort on the home front. Listen to interviews, browse photos, or read written memoirs.

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    Alaska Native Experiences

    When WWII broke out the Unangax̂ and Aleut people were caught in the crosshairs. Many were relocated. Learn more through these interviews.

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    United States Marine Corps

    Interviews and stories from veterans of the US Marine Corps in Alaska during WWII.

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    US Navy Veterans

    Dozens of US Navy veterans recall their time serving during World War II in the Aleutian Islands. Photos, interviews, & memoirs.

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    US Army & Army Air Corps Veterans

    Medics, pilots, engineers, musicians, and more. Explore dozens of interviews, profiles, and photos from the US Army.

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    Semper Paratus
    US Coast Guard Veterans

    Dive into personal experiences of USCG veterans who served in WWII in Alaska.

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    Canadian Forces

    Explore stories from Canadian Forces service members who worked alongside Americans in the Aleutians.


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