Smiling Aleut boy and Japanese soldier
Attu Boy, by Nick Golodoff.

Attu Boy

In 2012, the National Park Service published the wartime experiences of Nick Golodoff, a six-year-old Attuan boy when taken prisoner by the Japanese in WWII. Golodoff's Attu Boy tells, through a child's eyes, the story of that extraordinary and tragic experience.

Map spanning the Bering Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Alaska showing routes from Aleutian Islands to six locations in southeast Alaska
World War II Aleut Relocation and Resettlement
crowd of people on a boat, water
Cover of "World War II Aleut Relocation Camps in Southeast Alaska," by Charles Mobley.

World War II Aleut Relocation Camps in Southeast Alaska

Read Charles Mobley's extensive archaeological investigations of the relocation camps the displaced Aleutian natives called home during the war. For a PDF or print version including a bibliography, please contact us. Links to online article versions.


Last updated: December 11, 2023

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