Weather Threats at Agate Fossil Beds

Summer can be very hot with highs in the upper 90's F, sometimes 100 F degrees or more. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, with lightning being the primary threat to hikers. However, they can sometimes become severe with large hail and even tornadoes. Stay weather aware and turn on weather alerts on your phone!

Winter temperatures can plummet to -10F or below. Check the weather forecast before traveling towards the monument. Blizzard conditions frequently strand motorists in the region for hours.

All that said, there is nothing more beautiful than a pleasant late spring day with the sun is warm and the breeze is refreshing... or walking in a snow flury of huge quiet flakes.

A dark gray tornado under gray clouds appears over green rolling hills.
May 26, 2021 tornado just outside the western boundary of the monument.

Courtesy Lacy Klein

Weather and Climate Science

We're not just studying the droughts, weather and climate that happened here 23 million years ago. Our rangers are also vital to weather and climate studies today!

Every day, we measure rain or snow totals, temperatures and storm timing. This information helps improve climate science and lets our friends at US National Weather Service Cheyenne Wyoming compare radar predictions to 'ground truth.' Ranchers and farmers throughout the area use our precipitation totals in their decision-making when growing your food.

Every once in a while, our trained weather spotter rangers also protect your park and our community by calling in severe weather for the warning system... like this tornado on May 26, 2021 just west of our boundaries! (Don't worry, it dissipated before entering the monument, and no damage or injuries were reported.)

Last updated: May 12, 2024

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