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Group of people at a work table
Staff meeting at Park Headquarters

Photo by Yehyun Kim, Friends of Acadia

Acadia National Park staff consists of approximately 90 permanent employees and, during the summer, an additional 150 seasonal employees. Park staff is organized by function and includes the divisions of Management, Administration, Visitor Experience & Education, Maintenance, Resource Management, and Visitor and Resource Protection. Each division is overseen by a chief, who then all report up to the superintendent.

Man in NPS uniform and flat hat stands at a black lecturn with an NPS arrowhead on the front
The Superintendent is the top park official, often speaking at public events and representing Acadia National Park

NPS Photo by Jay Elhard

Division of Management

Superintendent: Kevin Schneider
Deputy Superintendent: Brandon Bies

This division is responsible for managing and supervising all park operations and activities, including administration at Saint Croix Island International Historic Site, and overseeing permanent and seasonal employees of the National Park Service. The division includes the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Management Specialist, Public Affairs Specialist, and the Safety and Occupational Health Manager, all who work out of Park Headquarters located in Bar Harbor.

Administration workers meet over papers on a table
Administration staff discuss position descriptions for hiring forms at park headquarters

Photo by Yehyun Kim, Friends of Acadia

Division of Administration

Chief of Administration: Kevin Langley

This division acts as the “business office” and deals with activities related to administrative, managerial, planning, and support functions. Its principal functions include human resources, budget, purchasing, property management, housing, concessions management, the volunteer program, and IT support.

Trail crew member fits smaller rocks to repair a trail
The Division of Maintenance includes the trail crew, who work to repair and maintain trails across the park

Photo by Ashley L. Conti, Friends of Acadia

Division of Maintenance

Chief of Maintenance: Keith Johnston

The division oversees the operation of maintaining all motor roads and carriage roads, trails, buildings, utilities, grounds, vehicles, and other physical facilities in the park to ensure they are safe and in good condition. The division also manages facility construction and rehabilitation projects to support Acadia’s operation.

A group of uniformed NPS staff gather outside an aging white household structure for a condition assessment

NPS Photo

Division of Project Management

Chief of Project Management: Matt Outhier, PE, MSCE

Created in 2023, the park's newest division features an interdisciplinary staff of project managers and asset managers led by a licensed civil engineer. It manages an extensive portfolio of projects funded through multiple sources, including the Great American Outdoors Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Recreation Fee, and partner organizations. It works collaboratively to support the needs of all the other divisions as it guides these projects through scoping, environmental compliance, contracting, design, and construction.

Wildlife technician measures the length of a turtle
Resource management staff conduct various wildlife monitoring projects throughout the park

Photo by Will Greene, Friends of Acadia

Division of Resource Management

Chief of Resource Management: Becky Cole-Will

This division provides scientific guidance to park management related to natural and cultural resources. The division is responsible for conducting and overseeing research on physical, biological, and cultural resources to support critical resource management actions. Staff members often work with private landowners to ensure the protection of scenic, ecological, and cultural values on conservation easements held by the NPS. The division also maintains the park's extensive museum collection.

Park ranger leads program on cliffs near ocean
Ranger gives an interpretive program on Gorham Mountain

Photo by Will Newton, Friends of Acadia

Division of Visitor Experience & Education

Chief of Visitor Experience & Education: Joy Absher

This division is responsible for providing interpretation, education programs, and information services to park visitors and neighbors about the park’s natural and cultural resources, facilities, and policies. The division manages park publications, exhibits, the Sieur de Monts Nature Center, Islesford Historical Museum, and Hulls Cove Visitor Center. Interpretive rangers provide a variety of guided walks and talks, campground programs, and other activities to the public. An extensive curriculum-based education program reaches many students in local schools in the spring and fall.

Park ranger stands beside search and rescue vehicle
Law enforcement ranger gives a search-and-rescue training to park staff

Photo by Will Newton, Friends of Acadia

Division of Visitor & Resource Protection

Chief Ranger: Darren Belskis

The division of Visitor and Resource Protection is responsible for all emergency services. This includes all-risk incident management, law enforcement, emergency medical services, search and rescue, dispatch, lifeguards, and wildland fire management. The division manages three campgrounds and fee collection operations at seven contact stations, and provides physical security for park facilities, buildings, and park-owned housing.


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