Information for Taxis and Rideshare Providers

Taxi and ride share providers (non-tour operators) can operate in in Acadia National Park without the issuance of a Commercial Use Authorization.

Taxi and ride share providers are authorized to provide pickup and drop-off transportation services within Acadia National Park.

Vehicles must be identified as a Taxi Service or Ride-Share Provider. Park Entrance Fees still apply.

If the taxi or ride share service also provides tours (i.e. an itinerary is established, advertised as a tour, makes multiple stops, offers park information, stays longer at a location more than fifteen minutes, etc.,) then a Commercial Use Authorization is required.

Acadia National Park will monitor the effects of this change and reserves the right to discontinue this pilot program.

Cadillac Summit Road Vehicle Reservations

Taxi and ride share providers will not need a reservation to pick-up or drop-off passengers. The operator must be actively picking up or dropping off passengers.

A designated taxi stand lot has been established at the East parking lot to provide temporary parking. The time limit to load and unload passengers is fifteen minutes.

Taxi and rideshare providers without a reservation must use the taxi stand in the East lot and are not permitted to stage or park anywhere else at the East or West parking lots.

Please email Acadia National Park Concessions Management Specialist or contact us by phone (207) 288-8735 with specific questions.

Last updated: January 24, 2024

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