Priscilla Whitlock

Oil painting of the shoreline with islands in the distance. Impressionist style used with broad brushstrokes and a wide range of colors from dark browns to light pink.
Cranberry Point, diptych, left panel, 11 X 14 inches, oil on board, 2007

Courtesy of Priscilla Whitlock. Used with permission.


My focus as an artist in residence at Acadia National Park was to explain to students how all of us create a visual language. Using a slide show with photo images from the park I explained how we look at texture, pattern, repetition, color, etc. to inform our artwork. I had students create an image in the classroom that communicated what they were looking at or thinking about and then we all guessed at what each student was communicating. We had lots of fun!

– Priscilla Whitlock

Photograph of artist Priscilla Whitlock on the coastline with her easel
Priscilla Whitlock

After years of painting, my interest is to interpret landscape. The subject matter is about physicality and energy of the paint and less about landscape as “scenery”. Produced by the painted marks, dashes, swipes of oil and oil stick, shapes and color all come together to represent the mood, light, and sense of place. From a close vantage point the work is most abstract, but viewed from a distance it “comes together” to represent a field, marsh, or “view”.

My artist studio is located near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Albemarle County, Virginia. I also love to work at Wrightsville Beach on the Southern coast of N.C. Dramatic Lunar high tides are accessible only a few times a year, and are accessible only by boat. The marshes flood and bloom, just like a field.
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Oil painting of a sailboat. Mostly shades of blue, large brushstrokes used in impressionist style
Blue Boat, Rainy Harbor (Winter Harbor) 9 X 12 inches, oil on board, 2007

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Whitlock. Used with permission

Oil painting of large boulders along the shoreline.
Rocks, Looking North, 11 X 14 inches, oil on board, 2007

Photo Courtesy of Priscilla Whitlock. Used with permission.


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