Lyn Slade

Felt rendering of forest scene with water in the background.
"Whisper", 20 X 16, felt and pastel on canvas

Courtesy of Lyn Slade. Used with permission.


My residency during the pre-season at Schoodic Point was magical. I was given the gift of unrestricted time. It allowed me to stop, to breathe, to consider, to evaluate, to explore and to revitalize.

From rocky shore to deep woods, Acadia stimulates the senses. I knew I’d fall in love with the rocky shore. But I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the deep woods. To leave the crashing waves and be enveloped by the darkened dampness thrilled me. I’d stay for long periods and listen to the whispers of the forest. Once I was filled to overflowing I’d emerge into the warm sun, like a new person.

In this piece, WHISPER, I tried to give a sense of the transition from heavy thick forest (needle felted) to the brilliant light along the water’s edge (pastel on textile).

–Lyn Slade

Photograph of artist Lyn Slade.
Lyn Slade

I have been a needle felting artist, author and teacher for 18 years. The joy of working with a tactile medium keeps me satisfied in hands, heart and mind. I enjoy reactions to needle felted art; “What IS that?” “How is that done?” To spark questions, even with a traditional subject, is one of the rewards of creativity. I am a lifelong New Englander and can be reached at


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