Kevin Mack

Fine art painting on a circle of wood
"Welcome Party (Scents of a Storm)"

Courtesy of Kevin Mack. Used with permission.

Driving into Acadia was stunning; not a cloud in the sky as I cruised towards my cabin on the Schoodic Peninsula. Upon arriving, I quickly unloaded and hurried to the Point to start absorbing the sights and sounds of my new home. Within minutes of arriving, a deep purple cloud appeared in the distance and quickly enveloped Mount Desert Island in a curtain of violet before smothering us in heavy water and wind.

A personal goal of this residency was to fully immerse myself in the present to better express the entirety of each moment. The most impressive obstacles often arrive unannounced, and there is growth in every storm endured.

Evenings at Schoodic Point were a delightful lesson in the power and grandeur nature offers. Some days serene, others chaotic, but all magnificent in the right light.

– Kevin Mack

Photo portrait of artist Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is a multidisciplinary artist currently working out of Pittsburgh, receiving his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2013.

I am an artist focused on color, ephemerality, and intriguing relationships formed through dichotomy. At times my practice focuses on translating the world I experience, other times I invent as a form of escapism. I am influenced heavily by my surroundings, as well as the raw power of color and space to create paintings that teeter between realism and abstraction. I make work to understand the temperamental and tumultuous nature of life and living; art objects that can be seen with vast depth or extreme flatness. My work is made to be felt in a variety of perspectives, and give the viewer broad powers of interpretation – they can interact, analyze, explore, nitpick, or simply enjoy the flowers. I aim to make those who feel deeply think more, and those who think deeply feel more. My favorite color is purple.

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