Kevin Mack

Photo portrait of artist Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is a multidisciplinary artist currently working out of Pittsburgh, receiving his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2013.

I am an artist focused on color, ephemerality, and intriguing relationships formed through dichotomy. At times my practice focuses on translating the world I experience, other times I invent as a form of escapism. I am influenced heavily by my surroundings, as well as the raw power of color and space to create paintings that teeter between realism and abstraction. I make work to understand the temperamental and tumultuous nature of life and living; art objects that can be seen with vast depth or extreme flatness. My work is made to be felt in a variety of perspectives, and give the viewer broad powers of interpretation – they can interact, analyze, explore, nitpick, or simply enjoy the flowers. I aim to make those who feel deeply think more, and those who think deeply feel more. My favorite color is purple.

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