Nancy Haver

Dramatic high contrast woodcut of Atlantic coastline
"Schoodic Poiint," woodcut

Courtesy of Nancy Haver. Used with permission.

Oil pastel depiction of rocky Atlantic coastline
"Schoodic Point," oil pastel

Courtesy of Nancy Haver. Used with permission.


Artist Statement

Schoodic Point was one of the most inspiring sites I’ve experienced as an artist. Fascinated by rocks and geology, I knew that woodcut would be a good medium for capturing the angularity of the seascape, the drama of water against the shore, and the force of the frequently changing weather. Later I chose oil pastel to capture the colors of granite hit by sunlight and the range of blues, greens and silver of the sea. Through my work I ask viewers to look closely and to appreciate the beauty of the many facets of a landscape. And in seeing, I believe they may be persuaded that these places deserve consideration and protection.

– Nancy Haver

Woman with art board and materials prepares to work sitting on rocks along Atlantic coast
Nancy Haver at Schoodic Point

Nancy Haver, Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator, has been captivated by the printng process since childhood, when she helped her father develop black and white photographs. Still drawn to the intense contrasts and patterns typical of woodcut and wood engravings, she enjoys using these media, and also exploring how medium affects an image, by using woodcut, paint, and oil pastel to depict a single subject. Through childhood trips to the national parks, she was inspired by landscapes and their inhabitants, which later led her to study wildlife biology. In additon to her training as a naturalist, Nancy holds an MFA degree in printmaking and has taught drawing, illustration, and relief printmaking at the University of Massachusetts and Holyoke Community College, and has exhibited her work throughout the United States. She has also worked for many publishers, including Houghton Mifflin, Princeton University Press and Sinauer Associates, as a scientific illustrator.


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